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UEG, Universal Enterprises Group, is a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of Aviation Ground Support Equipments(GSE) in China. Our head office is located in the center of Shanghai financial district.
UEG was established in 2003, export-oriented and reach the growth of annual turnover 30 million USD in 2007. Now we have nine subsidiary companies with businesses in Aviation Ground Support equipments, Scaffolding/Shoring system and accessories, Power Plant equipments, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Dyestuffs and Biochemical Industries.
Our plant has experienced in Aviation GSE manufacturing for over ten years. Our products are exported to many foreign countries, including US, Korea, Singapore and a lot of big airports in and out of China. The total area of our plant is over 12,000 sq ft, locating in golden industry area of Shanghai. We have automatic machinery and experienced engineer team to ensure our GSE products quality. Well trained welders are also a guarantee for quality.

+0086-21-33927702 Favorite Print
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